What is next culture?

In modern culture people learn to exist in a state of hopelessness and depression, to not trust each other, and to have no vision of something better. Issues that are crucial to our future, such as peak oil, global warming and corporate corruption are ignored. There is a sense of powerlessness in trying to make the changes needed to create a sustainable and healthy future for us all. Modern culture is jumping off a cliff in slow motion.

No one knows exactly what the next culture will look like. We know it will be based on building strong communities based on trust and teamwork. Each person will be supported to reach their full potential. Instead of ignoring our feelings or having no place to act on them, our feelings will be seen as valuable information and energy. We be will connected to each other and to nature. There will be responsible leadership and people will have the ability to recognize what healthy leadership looks like. It will be sustainable.

Although there is serious work to do, the goal of possibility management is to have high level fun while taking responsibility for making a new world.

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