How to get started:

There are several ways to start being involved with Possibility Management.  You can:

  • Take the Expand the Box training.
  • Come to the weekly group –  We will give you assistance to integrate into the group.
  • Have an individual session (or couples session) with Paul or Anette  or both.

Please call or write to us if you have any questions.

Expand the Box

Upgrade your thoughtware

Expand The Box is a safe learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviors. Without our knowing it, the standard thinking and behavior patterns we have adopted from our parents, our culture, and our education system severely limit both the quality of our relationships and our ability to respond creatively to the opportunities and challenges of life. The Expand the Box training gives the participants tools to bring more consciousness and power into their lives.

Expand the Box is a three day training that contains the basic concepts of Possibility Management, as well as practical exercises, and group processes.

Expand the Box is a prerequisite for Possibility Lab.

Possibility Lab

While Expand the Box gives us new ways of seeing and interacting with the world, the Possibility Laboratory is a rite of passage that enables us to fully integrate the concepts that were introduced there. With group support, participants are given opportunities to experience the full power of their feelings and to gain skills to consciously navigate them.

Changes that you can make at the Laboratory include:

  • Becoming more fully alive
  • Increasing awareness of how you make decisions
  • Being more authentically oneself
  • Learning effective communication skills
  • Release from toxic shame
  • Greater clarity
  • Centering
  • Greater respect for yourself and others
  • Determining a life vision and skills to follow that vision
  • Skills for sustainable and responsible leadership
  • Creating new possibilities for your life, your work, and your relationships

    Expand the Box is a prerequisite for Possibility Lab.

Weekly Group

The weekly Study Group led by Anette Schuster was the start of Possibility Management in the United States. This group was started in 2010 and this process has grown from there. Currently there are two ongoing groups. In these groups we study theory, do practical exercises, and learn to give and receive valuable feedback.

Life Coaching

In addition to the group processes, Anette and Paul also offer Life Coaching. They work both separately or together, often working together  with couples. They use all their knowledge and skill to holistically support people to make significant changes in their relationships and in how they operate in the world.

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