Picture of Anette Schuster
Anette Schuster

I am dedicated to being in service to others by weaving connections and empowering them to take on issues of personal growth.  I am able to create heartfelt, safe and respectful spaces where people can face and unfold their own lives in an authentic way. My path is to build community, create possibilities, see the beauty in life, and to encourage others to trust their feelings and life.

I was born in Germany where I raised 3 children and lived until 2006. At that time I moved to Tamera, a peace research community in Portugal. I lived there for 3 years, and it was there that I had my first contact with Clinton Callahan, the originator of Possibility Management.

In 2009 I married, moved to the US, and started to teach possibility management with Paul Rogers through weekend trainings and through personal coaching in different cities and states. I am dedicated with my whole heart to help transform single people and communities. I am also part of the Trainer Guild of Possibility Management in Germany.

Picture of Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers

I was drawn to Possibility Management because of its ability to empower people to transform their lives. I spent several years sharing these tools with sex offenders in prison because I found it the most effective way to help them to avoid re-offending and to build a healthy and fulfilling life.  I recently left that work to focus on doing Possibility Management full time.  I love this work and the insights it gives, but I consider the quality of connection and caring I have for people as important as any tools I use.

My prior work includes ten years of teaching full impact self-defense classes with a focus on emotional healing.  I am a third degree black belt in Aikido and have 10 years of experience with peer-counseling.

Clinton Callahan

Clinton Callahan is the originator of Possibility Management and co-director of the Next Culture Research and Training Center in Germany.

Anette first saw Clinton Callahan when he spoke at a conference in Tamera in 2009 where there were various leaders of projects from around the world.  She was particularly impressed by Clinton’s distinctions between working towards sustainable culture and the personal ownership of feelings that are required to be successful at this work and in all parts of our lives. She was eager to learn more about this work and attended Expand the Box and Possibility Lab in 2010.

Paul first became familiar with Clinton’s work through his book Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings.  At that time he was working with sex offenders in prison; giving them skills to lead healthier lives (and therefore be less likely to re-offend).  He started using some of the “thought maps” from the book with his group.  They were amazingly effective and as time progressed he used more and more of these “maps” until they became the foundation of his work there.

Paul and Anette both went to Germany to train in Possibility Management.  With his complete support they started leading trainings here in the US; particularly in Seattle where they live.

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