Welcome to Next Culture-US

The Web site for Possibility Management in the United States.

We are connected with the Next Culture Research & Training Center in Germany. The center is where Clinton Callahan developed and currently teaches Possibility Management; a set of skills for making positive changes in our lives and for moving towards a new healthier society.

We believe that in modern culture feelings are so distorted that we equate “feeling numb” with “feeling good”. The current global crisis and the general failure of seemingly intelligent people to create a sustainable future reflects this deep disconnection from our own feelings.

A testimonial by Lisa Ann Favero:

While I’ve learned and benefited a great deal from many traditions, teachers and practices, this is the first method that I can say is fundamentally incapable of being used as a Band-Aid.

Many modalities aim to empower clients, but none I know truly succeed at keeping the client from becoming dependent on the provider. In Possibility Management, one’s own attempts at transference, at turning the facilitator into a parental authority or deferring to some other external higher power will be interrupted. There’s no spiritual bypassing here, no substituting one addiction for another, and the work that gets done is all by the client. There’s no investment in keeping you locked in its system, and it imparts the wherewithal to do one’s own critical thinking. Possibility Management is a clean, clear route to adult functioning.

Just about every self-development program emphasizes concepts like radical honesty, radical responsibility, transparency, emotional expression and intelligence, self-awareness, compassion, seeing and being seen, and grounding. But these important abilities don’t usually get all that deeply anchored. They might be modeled or projected, but the concrete tools needed to enact them on one’s own often aren’t articulated or taught; lasting integration and embodiment doesn’t happen. Folks might think they know what these terms mean and that they’re applying them in their life, but after Possibility Management they are second nature and operate somatically, at one’s core.

With the integrated psyche that comes from this work, there’s no getting blown off track or getting stuck. Relationships, creativity, emotions, and one’s own contributions can flow. I now understand that freedom means not having to put up defenses to keep the world out and the self shut down; it’s when life and humanity can be experienced intimately and expressed in all its richness and dimension. This is how it feels to be whole and to have the powerful agency to consciously choose, transform, desire, and create. It is an embrace of our human right ‘to be.’

At the forefront of bringing Possibility Management to the United States, Anette and Paul hold a safe, clear and both stable and dynamic container for clients. Their diverse backgrounds in clinical psychotherapy, movement practices and community development underscore their commitment to the effectiveness of Possibility Management; they deliver the cognitive, energetic, emotional, and somatic aspects of the method from broad and widely informed professional points of view. Anette and Paul are leaders, in a non-hierarchical sense, who adroitly maintain space for individuals while serving the collective purpose of the group. They are extraordinarily skilled at navigating the space in between.

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